Summer 2020

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about it. But, there are good reasons for it - I promise.

Notably, I’ve been wrestling with myself about what I want to do for the summer ahead. I secured a business development internship at a great company (shoutout to Formlabs) earlier this year - but found out that it was going to be fully virtual. Normally this wouldn’t have phased me. But I decided to pursue my MBA in the first place to start my own thing. The initial hope was that I’d do it during my time in the program.

As I pondered that goal more, I realized that giving up my summer to work a virtual internship probably isn’t aligned with my long-term ambitions. Without that alignment - it’s questionable how much value I could’ve added to Formlabs. You can’t get the best out of someone if they aren’t in it 100%. And I’m not the kind of person who revels in giving anything less when I attempt something.

My course of action became clear after coming to that realization. Make the tough - but necessary - decision to forgo my internship in lieu of working on my own idea(s) this summer. To make sure I’m not just burning cash, I also made the decision to move back to North Carolina with my parents. All of these decisions and changes have roiled my life over the past few weeks and made it almost impossible to find the time or mental bandwidth to consider blogging.

But I’m done with all that now. I’m settled in North Carolina and starting the process of validating some of the business ideas I’ve been tossing around for a while now. The first of which is a side hustle I’d already been running while working on my MBA at Tuck: MiniPrinter.

MiniPrinter is an eCommerce company that sells 3D printed miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). For those who aren’t familiar with the game, think: board game pieces. I started this company Jan 2020 and going into the summer, MiniPrinter is doing $220 on a monthly basis. I’m going to be spending my summer trying to move MiniPrinter forward to a singular goal: $1,000 / month in revenue.

Along the way I plan to post updates, thoughts, and learnings as I continue down this journey. So here’s to hoping for more regular posts!